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Are you considering to replace or introduce high quality automation in your industry or installations?
Are you looking for a partner to complete a large project in which you need support for the control and IT part?
Pensez-vous devoir remplacer ou introduire de l'automation dans votre industrie ou installations?
Cherchez-vous un partenaire pour vous assister dans la partie contrôle commande et IT d'une installation industrielle?
We can provide a wide range of innovative automation solutions. At the process level we employ reliable automats like SAIA-Burgess or SIEMENS. The supervision is developed with LabView 7, which works on Apple MacOS X (Unix) ou WinTel computers.
We give our customers better solutions at the best economical conditions. This can help you submitting the best proposal in the competitions.
Our solutions are cost effective, perfectly adapted, original and reliable. We can follow and support the engineering work as well.
Nous vous offrons une large palettes de solutions d'automation innovatives et sur mesure. Nous proposons au niveau du process des automates SAIA-Burgess ou Siemens. La supervision est dévéloppée avec LabView 7 sur platforme Apple MacOS X (Unix) ou WinTel.
Sans compromis côté qualité, nous offorns les meilleures condition d'économicité. Cela vous permettra de gagner plus facilement dans la compétitions des offres.
Nos solutions sont économiques, adaptées, originales et très fiables.
Here you can find a real Plug&Play, highly reliable and most elegant solution for Industrial Automation applications! It consists of SAIA-Burgess automates and iMac MacOS X computers connected with one or more standard ethernet networks. Wireless technology is fully supported. The field-bus can include S-Bus by SAIA on RS485 or other networks. No tedious configuration task is needed, only pure standard hardware and software, no licence fees, "on the shelf" hardware and software only, quickly installed and set in production.
STOP wasting your time and resources by accepting classic solutions which are mainly interesting for your supplier (we also offer this kind of solutions, if you prefere). Let consider solutions which gives you reliability, performance and freedom at the best economical conditions (last but not least, these solutions are certified "NO WinTel" inside or outside).
Fuzzy logic, image aquisition, image and sound processing, closed and open loop control, signal conditioning, IEEE - Ethernet - RSxxx - USB - etc connectivity, Internet/web controlled solutions, active vibration control, research setups. Logique floue, acquisition d'image, traitement d'image et son, contôle en boucle ouverte et fermée, conditionnement de signaux, liaisons par IEEE - Ethernet - RSxxx - USB - etc, contrôle à distance par internet, contôle actif de vibrations, manipulations pour la recherche.
Here some examples of plants - Ici quelques exemples d'installations
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